Hong Kong: Fight for Freedom!

Published: 2019-12-09       Length: 2:12:48

In September 2019, Freedomain Host Stefan Molyneux and “Hoaxed” Director Jon du Toit traveled to Hong Kong to explore the anti-Communist movement. The result is a powerful new documentary entitled “Hong Kong: Fight for Freedom!” From facing down tear gas during a protest march, to interviewing the author of the Hong Kong constitution, this film documents in vivid detail the incredible courage and moral depth of the resistance to the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong. As goes Hong Kong, so goes the West – and the world.

Sunset in the Golden State

Published: 2019-07-26       Length: 3:33:50

Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio, travels to California to unravel all of the political, economic, moral and demographic complexities of the Golden State. What he learned astounded him – what he shows you will shock you… Share on social media with https://fdrurl.com/ca

The 100 Year March A Philosopher in Poland

Published: 2018-12-15       Length: 1:03:23

Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio – the largest philosophy show in the world – takes you on a fascinating journey deep into the real Poland. After decades of brutal oppression, Poland has emerged as a shining beacon for European freedoms and independence. Standing tall against the European Union, staunch in their Christian faith, united in their love of country and freedom, the Polish people just might save Europe once more, as they have many times in the past… Join Stefan Molyneux as he explores Poland – and unravels the complex interplay of history, oppression, faith and hope that has produced some of the strongest and most independent Europeans on the planet. Share on social media with https://fdrurl.com/Poland