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An Introduction to Female Evil (Part 3)

Published: 2018-11-29       Length: 1:30:18

The latest on an ongoing series exploring women's capacity for evil from Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio.

An Introduction to Female Evil (Part 2)

Published: 2018-11-25       Length: 0:40:17

Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio, takes you deeper into the heartlessness of evil as it manifests in some women.

An Introduction to Female Evil (Part 1)

Published: 2018-11-24       Length: 1:44:56

Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio, takes you on a deep journey into the dark heart of female evil - how and why it is generally different from manifestations of male evil...

Weaponizing Women

Published: 2018-02-10       Length: 0:20:01

Women have become weaponized against men in a battle for the political future of western civilization. As accusations of sexual assault and harassment cascade along the social landscape, a growing backlash is growing against the #MeToo phenomenon.

Is Feminism Evil? - Call In Show - December 9th, 2016

Published: 2016-12-11       Length: 3:17:03

Question 1: [0:00] – “It would appear that everything about feminism has undermined marriage in the West. Could it be said that feminism is evil for this reason alone, assuming that marriage is in fact necessary to keep Western (or indeed any) civilization and its traditions going? If feminism is indeed evil, then how are we to cure this evil?” Question 2: [56:30] – “We can all agree that a 3-year-old bears no responsibility for the events in his life, while a 30-year-old bears complete respons[...]

Estrogen Based Parasites #killallmen - Wednesday Call In Show March 26th, 2014

Published: 2014-03-27       Length: 1:59:55

A must listen show. Generational male exploitation, not paying for sex, hypergamy games, the demonization of male sexuality and #killallmen.

No Excuses for Female Evil!

Published: 2013-10-04       Length: 0:12:15

A woman with a young child in her car attempted to breach a White House checkpoint on Thursday, prompting a high-speed chase through the security-heavy streets of Washington that ended near the US Capitol when police shot her dead.