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The Rise of the Daycare Generation

Published: 2017-03-09       Length: 1:12:48

What is the origin story of the modern social justice warrior? Stefan Molyneux breaks down the consequences of the first daycare generation and the damage this mass social experiment has had on millions of young adults. Sources:

Gene Wars: r/K Selection Theory | Part 3

Published: 2015-09-09       Length: 1:19:29

For many decades, two main reproductive strategies have been recognized by biologists - this is referred to as r/K Selection Theory. When you look at humanity through the lens of reproduction strategies – things quickly begin snapping into place and a battle for genetic survival is revealed. In the area of public discourse, these two survival strategies battle for ultimate supremacy. In the latest installment of the controversial Gene Wars series, Stefan Molyneux analyses various political pos[...]

The Genetics of Politics | Liberals vs. Conservatives | Gene Wars [Part 2}

Published: 2015-07-08       Length: 1:12:20

An examination of the biological and genetic basis for political ideologies: Do genetics determine if you’re a liberal or conservative? What role does r/K selection theory play in the world where we live? How big is your amygdala - and what does that mean about your possible political perspective? Includes a look at the Prefrontal Cortex, Anterior Cingulate Cortex and the impact of dopamine in the realm of political biology.

The Truth About Gene Wars: r/K Selection Theory

Published: 2015-06-29       Length: 0:55:59

Occasionally new information completely blow your mind - and this is one of those times! Stefan Molyneux breaks down the basics of the genetic warfare which is the foundation of all living creatures. Different reproduction strategies have emerged over time and this is explained through r/K Selection Theory. When you look at humanity through the lens of reproduction strategies - it's something you can never, and will never, be able to unsee!

Epigenetic Political Hostilities Exposed! - Peter Schiff Radio Show May 13th, 2014

Published: 2014-05-14       Length: 1:19:47

Stefan Molyneux guest hosts the Peter Schiff Radio Show and discusses genetics, environment, political ideologies and brain development. The productive combating against the greed of the majority, preventing worker exploitation, monopoly hypocrisy, crypto-currency, anger over male rape statistics, the NFL, subsidies and gay rights and the right side of history is wrong.

Development and Epigenetics - A Conversation with Darcia Narvaez

Published: 2014-04-03       Length: 0:43:12

Stefan Molyneux speaks with Darcia Narvaez about youth life outcomes, breastfeeding vs. formula, child isolation, the positive effect of multiple caregivers, the benefits of touch, epigenetics and the development of stress responses.

How to Prevent Violent Criminal Behavior in the Next Generation

Published: 2012-04-27       Length: 0:40:51

By Jordan Riak Read by Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web -

Fatherhood and Generations

Published: 2009-05-12       Length: 0:11:26

Some of the problems of abusive generations.

Gods and Genes (originally 583, 3 Jan 06 8am)

Published: 2007-01-05       Length: 0:34:04

Cooperation is the basis of nature