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REVELATION! (Forget my other videos, this is all you need...)

Published: 2019-11-01       Length: 1:01:14

Stefan, I need your help to find the answer to the first most fundamental question in life, which is what is the purpose of it? It's tough to start life without knowing what the heck is the purpose of it, the end goal, the idea by which your success in life can be measured, the final cause to which you as a living being is directed, and therefore what allows you to know what is good. Now that I have turned 18 and am soon to be independent, had my first romantic relationship and had my heart broken for the first time, dropped school and almost hanged myself, now that I don't know what I want to do, I can see how hard it is to move on without a worthy end goal. Because life is suffering, and I just can't deal with the how, since I don't have a why. The existential crisis is so great that I'm paralyzed, I can't do anything, I can't work and move on knowing that it might be all for nothing, and I find it very hard to see how is it that not everyone else thinks the same. So I know I need meaning, but I mean real meaning. Not some made up crap, not some "create your own meaning" thing that doesn't seem to make sense to me. And it seems that real meaning could only be found in God,[...]

The Meaning of Life Part 3 - Integrity as Salvation

Published: 2008-12-31       Length: 0:23:24

How and why philosophy brings happiness...

The Meaning of Life Part 2 - Identity as Heroin

Published: 2008-12-30       Length: 0:12:25

Avoiding the straitjacket of inflicted identity...

The Meaning of Life Part 1 - Meaninglessness

Published: 2008-12-29       Length: 0:14:35

Making friends with meaninglessness.

The Meaning of Life - Merry Christmas!

Published: 2008-12-25       Length: 0:30:13

The secret.