True News 13: Statism is Dead - Part 3 - The Matrix

Published: 11/24/2008       Length: 0:16:03

You do not live in a country. Take the red pill. (Audio to a video.)


The Story of Your Enslavement

Published: 4/15/2010       Length: 0:12:21

We can only be kept in the cages we do not see. A brief history of human enslavement - up to and including your own. From Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy conversation in the world. http://www.freedomain.com

Take The Red Pill

Take The Red Pill

Published: 6/13/2013       Length:

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The Truth About George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin

Published: 7/13/2013       Length: 0:34:55

Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, discusses the background, evidence and reality of the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin situation.


The Truth About Nelson Mandela

Published: 12/10/2013       Length: 0:20:11

Nelson Mandela is portrayed in the mainstream media as a peace-loving anti-apartheid revolutionary and philanthropist. But what is the truth about Nelson Mandela? Correction - For decades, Mandela supported nationalization, but abandoned his plans after being informed of the negative effects they would likely engender.


The Truth About Slavery: Past, Present and Future

Published: 2/19/2014       Length: 0:39:27

Stefan Molyneux uncovers the obscured and barbaric history of Slavery to unearth important lessons that can and will shape the future. What is the truth about slavery?


The Truth About Robin Williams

Published: 8/12/2014       Length: 0:56:38

After a lifetime of comedic achievement, the suspected suicide of Robin Williams shocked the millions of people for whom he had become a household name. What brought about the tragic end of such an accomplished man? What is the truth about Robin Williams?


The Truth About Sex: Facts You Won't Believe Are True!

Published: 3/7/2015       Length: 0:43:26

Some shocking trends regarding sexual activity and life outcomes - including the alarming reason why you haven’t already heard this information. There is a mind-blowing correlation in this presentation that you’ve never seen before - and it's important that you know about it! In the first part of “The Truth About Sex” series, Stefan Molyneux looks at first age of sexual activity, the number of sexual partners, single mothers, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, stable marriage, child maltre[...]


The Truth About George Washington

Published: 5/19/2015       Length: 2:40:01

George Washington was unanimously elected as the first president of the United States of America after winning the American Revolutionary War as the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. Washington was first called "Father of his Country" three years after the beginning of the Revolutionary War – a status he earned not only for his military accomplishments, but also because of the numerous virtues he was perceived to possess as a human being. But within Washington's impeccable character,[...]


The Flat Earth Conspiracy? - Call In Show

Published: 11/5/2015       Length: 2:50:15

An incredibly unique show where a Flat Earth proponent makes the case to a very skeptical Stefan Molyneux. Question 1: [1:53] - Have you examined the world in which you live? Do you believe that you live on a spinning sphere because someone told you or do you know from personal experience? Question 2: [1:10:02] - Can two people be fantastic parents but horrible partners? My husband and I are dedicated to being the best parents we can be, but we have been neglecting ourselves and our marriage a[...]


The Truth About The Crusades

Published: 12/17/2015       Length: 0:32:57

Were the Crusades an unprovoked act of aggression on behalf of bloodthirsty Christians? Did the First Crusade mark the beginning of close to a millennium of hostility between Christianity and Islam, or did the conflict begin centuries earlier? Stefan Molyneux takes a closer look at the historical background of the Crusades and presents shocking information that is often hidden from the general population. What is the truth about the origins of the Crusades? Sources: http://www.fdrurl.com/trut[...]


The Untruth About Donald Trump

Published: 1/19/2016       Length: 1:13:20

Sources: http://www.untruthaboutdonaldtrump.com Since 1988, Donald Trump has been discussed as a potential United States presidential candidate, but when he officially announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015 the mainstream media refused to believe it. Over the next many months, Donald Trump would be attacked and criticized by the media – but were these criticisms legitimate? What is the Untruth About Donald Trump?


The Truth About The Fall of Rome: Modern Parallels

Published: 8/3/2016       Length: 2:28:50

Western civilization hangs by a thread - to rescue it, we must delve deep into the past to find out how to save the future. The fall of the Roman Empire closely mirrors the challenges currently facing Europe and North America – toxic multiculturalism, rampant immigration, runaway feminism, debt, currency corruption, wildly antagonistic politics – everything we need to know to save everything we love is written deep in the history of ancient Rome – all we need to do is look! Stefan Molyneux, hos[...]


The Truth About McCarthyism: Modern Parallels

Published: 1/13/2017       Length: 3:26:41

The mainstream narrative would tell you that from 1950 to 1954, Senator Joseph R. McCarthy unjustly accused a wide variety of Americans of being communist spies, creating a hysterical witch-hunt that destroyed the lives of innocent people. What is the truth about Sen. Joseph McCarthy and McCarthyism? What are the modern parallels between mid-1950s McCarthyism and the events of today? Sources: http://www.fdrurl.com/truth-about-mccarthyism


YouTube Child Sex Scandal: Aftermath

Published: 11/29/2017       Length: 0:11:58

After months and months of working extensively to demonetize videos controversial to advertisers, YouTube finds itself in the middle of an absolutely revolting child sex scandal. Since the scandal broke, YouTube has “terminated more than 270 accounts and removed over 150,000 videos ” and the company has “turned off comments on over 625,000 videos targeted by child predators." Archive: https://web.archive.org/save/https://news.vice.com/story/youtube-kills-ads-on-50000-channels-as-advertisers-fl[...]