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What Pisses Me Off About Western Civilization

Published: 2017-03-11       Length: 0:16:18

While many people focus on the European Migrant Crisis and rampant illegal immigration within Western countries - there is a deeper and more problematic origin story to this modern tragedy. What pisses Stefan Molyneux off about Western Civilization?

What Pisses Me Off About Jeffrey Epstein's Death

Published: 2019-08-10       Length: 0:26:47

"FBI launches an investigation after billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide by hanging himself in prison a day after lawsuit by his 'sex slave' was unsealed and named a host of his powerful friends including Prince Andrew "Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself inside his New York City jail cell on Saturday morning "He was discovered by prison guards shortly before 7am and was rushed to a nearby hospital "The 66-year-old was pronounced dead a short time later, and the FBI has now la[...]

What Pisses Me Off About the Jeffrey Epstein Case!

Published: 2019-07-08       Length: 0:42:40

"Federal prosecutors say financier Jeffrey Epstein sexually exploited dozens of girls and paid victims to recruit others. "Epstein is facing a maximum sentence of 45 years in jail. "The reason that Epstein could be given an immunity deal in FL & indicted in NY now is bc that deal only applied to FL. The Southern District of NY is alleging Epstein's home in NY was part of this sex trafficking conspiracy & therefore in their jurisdiction. Department of Justice policy: "It is important that non[...]

What Pisses Me Off About the Colorado School Shooting

Published: 2019-05-08       Length: 0:20:45

"One student is dead and at least seven students have been injured in a shooting at a Colorado school on Tuesday, according to authorities. "The deceased male, who has not been identified, was 18 years old. "Two suspects are in custody, Douglas County Undersheriff Holly Nicholson Kluth told reporters during a press conference. Emergency dispatchers received reports that shots were fired at the STEM School in Highlands Ranch just before 2 p.m., according to a tweet by the sheriff's office. [...]

What Pisses Me Off About the Mueller Report - And Ask Me Anything!

Published: 2019-03-26       Length: 1:30:44

The deep truths behind the failure of the Mueller report to find any real evidence of Russian collusion by President Donald Trump.

What Pisses Me Off About "We Believe: The Best Men Can Be | Gillette (Short Film)"

Published: 2019-01-16       Length: 0:28:30

"Bullying. Harassment. Is this the best a man can get? It's only by challenging ourselves to do more, that we can get closer to our best. To say the right thing, to act the right way. We are taking action..." Ad:

What Pisses Me Off About Arnold Schwarzenegger's Motivational Speech

Published: 2018-12-30       Length: 0:29:45

A motivational speech by Arnold Schwarzenegger was recently released talking about the keys to becoming successful in the world - I take you through the good, the bad and the ugly in that speech, and give you the key to the REAL success that has escaped Mr Universe! Original speech:

What Pisses Me Off About Republicans + Live Stream Q&A

Published: 2018-09-23       Length: 1:46:15

As Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was headed for confirmation to the nation’s highest court, he now faces an allegation from Christine Blasey Ford that he drunkenly sexually assaulted her 36-years ago while he was in high school. While these types of political smear campaigns are to be expected from the regressive left, Republican cowardice and weakness continues to be incredibly frustrating. Stefan Molyneux explains what pisses him off about Republicans and answers listener Q&A questio[...]

What Pisses Me Off About The Brett Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Accusations

Published: 2018-09-17       Length: 1:00:30

Is a conservative about to achieve a position of power in the United States of America? Cue the unprovable and unverified sexual assault allegations! As Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was headed for confirmation to the nation’s highest court, he now faces an allegation from Christine Blasey Ford that he drunkenly sexually assaulted her 36-years ago while he was in high school. Kavanaugh “categorically and unequivocally” denied the unsubstantiated allegation, but that didn’t stop the regre[...]

What Pisses Me Off About The Serena Williams Outburst

Published: 2018-09-10       Length: 0:40:06

What Pisses Me Off About The Colin Kaepernick/Nike Controversy

Published: 2018-09-04       Length: 0:26:08

The Colin Kaepernick National Anthem Controversy The Truth About Slavery: Past, Present and Future The Truth About The Native American Genocide The Truth About Crime

What Pisses Me Off About 'Intellectuals' Who Ignore Real Problems

Published: 2018-07-24       Length: 0:25:49

Recently Stefan Molyneux was asked if philosophy could really be understood by the average person - and it unleashed a flurry of passion and enthusiasm which is on display for his answer.

What Pisses Me Off About Endless Leftist Hysteria

Published: 2018-07-13       Length: 0:17:14

So what benign previously-common action is the radical left claiming will end civil society as we know it, today? Stefan Molyneux looks at the recent unhinged leftist hysteria around the Supreme Court and President Donald Trump as an example of an unhealthy and sustained derangement which can only result from a true lack of love, meaning and purpose.

What Pisses Me Off About The Migrant Children Scandal

Published: 2018-06-18       Length: 0:27:57

The modern left's new outrage is the temporary separation of illegal aliens from their migrant children after they attempt to illegally enter the United States of America. Stefan Molyneux breaks down the horrific child abuse that is prevalent in Mexico and among those who attempt to illegally cross the border, and how we know that the left doesn't actually care about children.

What Pisses Me Off About The Telford Grooming Scandal

Published: 2018-03-18       Length: 0:26:47

What Pisses Me Off About The Philadelphia Superbowl Riots

Published: 2018-02-05       Length: 0:25:21

After the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl, the city of Philadelphia descended into riots, drunken chaos and property damage as a means of celebrating the victory of their favorite sportsball team. Stefan Molyneux looks at the history of the historically Democratic city, why the left has a much shorter time preference than those on the right and what these riots illustrate on a grand scale.

What Pisses Me Off About The "Release The Memo" Scandal

Published: 2018-01-30       Length: 0:34:29

After months and mother of speculation, the inside story on the Russian collusion investigation and intelligence agency spying on President Trump's political campaign is about to come to light. Stefan Molyneux comments on the deep state and political establishment panic as their high crimes are about to face the public spotlight.

What Pisses Me Off About The Kate Steinle Murder Acquittal

Published: 2017-12-02       Length: 0:16:41

Seven-time felon, five time deported "illegal immigrant" Jose Garcia Zarate was accused of fatally shooting Kate Steinle and was recently found not guilty on all counts except felony possession of a weapon.

What Pisses Me Off About The YouTube Child Sex Scandal

Published: 2017-11-27       Length: 0:09:11

After months and months of working extensively to demonetize videos controversial to advertisers, YouTube finds itself in the middle of an absolutely revolting child sex scandal. Stefan Molyneux looks at the actions YouTube has taken to oppose alternative media outlets on their platform and justly compares that to the child exploitation related content they have willfully ignored.

What Pisses Me Off About Roy Moore and Stupid F&%king Republicans

Published: 2017-11-15       Length: 0:20:32

As the future of the United States of America hangs in the balance, the Republicans are predictably cowering to the latest Democrat smear attempts aimed at Alabama Senate Candidate Judge Roy Moore. This needs to stop right now.

What Pisses Me Off About The Texas Church Massacre

Published: 2017-11-06       Length: 0:34:03

On November 5th, 2017, Devin Patrick Kelley walked into First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs in Texas, wearing tactical gear and carrying a military style assault rifle, opening fire and killing 26 Christians and injuring 24 others. After being shot by a gun carrying church neighbor, Kelley fled the church and was later found dead in his vehicle.

What Pisses Me Off About The New York City Terrorist Attack

Published: 2017-11-01       Length: 0:25:12

As a nation prepared to celebrate Halloween with fun costumes and delicious treats, 29-year-old Uzbekistan immigrant Sayfullo Saipov plowed a rented truck into countless pedestrians and rammed a school bus in New York City. Having entered the United States through the Diversity Visa Lottery, Saipov screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’ during the terrorist attack and carried a note pledging allegiance to the Islamic State.

What Pisses Me Off About Kevin Spacey

Published: 2017-10-30       Length: 0:06:03

After being accused of making a sexual advance on Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp when he was 14-years old, Kevin Spacey claimed he had no memory of a decades-old incident and came out as gay which serves to deflect the accusations.

What Pisses Me Off About Harvey Weinstein's Sexual Harassment Allegations

Published: 2017-10-06       Length: 0:34:48

Recently the New York Times published an expose on Harvey Weinstein alleging sexual harassment allegations from multiple women over a significant period of time. Stefan Molyneux explains the part of this significant story that nobody is discussing.

What Pisses Me Off About The Las Vegas Shooting

Published: 2017-10-02       Length: 0:16:52

On October 1st, 2017, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock positioned himself on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas, Nevada and opened fire into the Route 91 Harvest country music festival. Over 515 people were injured and 58 are dead in what is now the deadliest mass shooting in United States history.

What Pisses Me Off About The Edmonton Terrorist Attack

Published: 2017-10-01       Length: 0:26:50

While calendars were being changed from September to October, 30-year-old Abdulahi Hasan Sharif attacked a Edmonton police officer and ran over several pedestrians in the latest Islamic State terrorist attack. As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attempts to sing you back to sleep with soothing sophistic language, Stefan Molyneux speaks as to the civilization destroying dangers of tolerating intolerance.

What Pisses Me Off About The Google "Anti-Diversity" Memo

Published: 2017-08-08       Length: 0:32:34

Controversy erupted last weekend when a Google software engineer’s memo discussing gender differences and diversity challenges leaked online. It didn't take long for Google’s new Vice President of Diversity, Integrity & Governance Danielle Brown to issue her own memo to all Google employees in response to the engineer's statement of basic scientifically verified facts.

What Pisses Me Off About Independence Day | Fourth of July

Published: 2017-07-03       Length: 0:32:55

On July 4th, 1776, the Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies now regarded themselves as a new nation, the United States of America, and were no longer part of the British Empire. As Americans celebrate Independence Day with cookouts, fireworks and friendly gatherings, Stefan Molyneux aims to remind them as to the cost of their freedom.

What Pisses Me Off About Fake News

Published: 2017-06-28       Length: 0:18:46

With nonstop yellow journalism coming out of major mainstream media organizations - Stefan Molyneux is pissed off about fake news.

What Pisses Me Off About The London Bridge Terrorist Attack

Published: 2017-06-04       Length: 0:06:42

Once again the United Kingdom is under attack.

What Pisses Me Off About The Ariana Grande Terrorist Attack

Published: 2017-05-23       Length: 0:08:43

Stefan Molyneux breaks down the necessary courage needed in the world to help prevent future attacks like the one at the Arianda Grande concert in Manchester, England. Stop changing your avatars, stop praying for X - start talking about real problems in your country and society. Your choice is clear: popularity or survival.

What Pisses Me Off About The Paris Terrorist Attack

Published: 2017-04-21       Length: 0:19:10

The Islamic State has attacked Paris, France, mere days before the upcoming Presidential election, leaving one police officer dead and two others injured. On April 23rd, the latest battle against globalism takes center stage as France goes the polls to decide it's future, choosing between Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron, François Fillon and Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

What Pisses Me Off About The Susan Rice Unmasking Scandal

Published: 2017-04-04       Length: 0:16:08

Did Barack Obama spy on President Donald Trump, his political campaign and his transition team? A recent bombshell report by Mike Cernovich confirms former National Security Adviser Susan Rice to be responsible for the intelligence "unmasking" of Trump officials. Will there be any legal accountability for this unethical banana republic style behavior? Link:

What Pisses Me Off About The London Terrorist Attack

Published: 2017-03-22       Length: 0:19:08

On March 22nd, 2017 at approximately 2:40pm, a suspect driving a Hyundai i40 crossing Westminster Bridge in London, England, plowed into and through a crowd of pedestrians near the Houses of Parliament. The “'middle-aged and Asian” attacker then entered the grounds of Parliament, where the suspect fatally stabbed a police officer before being shot multiple times by armed guards. The attacker was taken from the scene to the hospital, but was later pronounced dead. Reports indicate that 5 people[...]

What Pisses Me Off About Wikileaks Vault 7 Release

Published: 2017-03-07       Length: 0:04:29

On March 7th, 2017, WikiLeaks began its latest series of leaks on the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Code-named "Vault 7" by WikiLeaks, it is the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency. Link:

What Pisses Me Off About Old People | Shut Up PewDiePie!

Published: 2017-02-21       Length: 0:20:58

The political correctness police has recently attacked YouTube sensation PewDiePie for making "inappropriate jokes" in several of his recent videos. Stefan Molyneux contrasts the failures of the older generation with their finger-wagging virtue-signaling moralizing - and highlights why they lack credibility with young people.

What Pisses Me Off About President Trump's "Muslim Ban"

Published: 2017-01-29       Length: 0:25:11

President Donald Trump’s recent immigration related executive orders temporarily ban visitors from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Sudan from entering the United States without “extreme vetting” and stop the intake refugees from these countries for at least 30 days. Is this a "Muslim Ban" as is being reported - or is the mainstream media lying to you once again?

What Pisses Me Off About The Anti-Trump Riots

Published: 2017-01-21       Length: 0:17:44

With the Inauguration of President Donald Trump, leftists have taken to the street, not in peaceful protest, but with violent confrontations and riots. Property damage, physical assaults, shootings, and more have all been done in the name of “the high road” and “love trumping hate.” Stefan Molyneux is pissed off and wants to discuss his now complicated relationship with hatred. Lauren Southern: Mike Cernovich:[...]

What Pisses Me Off About The “F@&K White People” Chicago Kidnapping

Published: 2017-01-05       Length: 0:23:52

In Chicago, four black suspects were arrested in connection with the kidnapping and 24-48 hour torture of an eighteen year old special needs white male. The suspects streamed the assault live on Facebook, shouting "F@&k White People" and "F@&k Donald Trump" multiple times - even cutting the victim's scalp with a knife and forcing him to drink water from a toilet.

What Pisses Me Off About The Berlin Christmas Market Terrorist Attack

Published: 2016-12-20       Length: 0:15:02

On December 19th, 2016, twelve people were killed and nearly fifty injured when a truck plowed through a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany. In the latest example of a true war on the Christmas holiday and Christians everywhere, the Islamic State quickly claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack. The terrorist suspect has also been reported to be a refugee - one of well over a million refugees allowed into Germany by Angela Merkel through her disastrous open-border policy.

What Pisses Me Off About Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Published: 2016-12-17       Length: 0:17:59

The idea of a universal basic income (also called citizen's income, basic income guarantee or universal demogrant) is a form of welfare or social security where all residents of a country regularly receive an unconditional sum of money from the government. While the idea of a universal basic income has gained popularity in recent years, Stefan Molyneux breaks down the problems with the proposition and explains why it, like all other forms of socialism, would end is disaster.

What Pisses Me Off About Thanksgiving

Published: 2016-11-23       Length: 0:26:59

While Thanksgiving often provokes warm and fuzzy thoughts about Pilgrims and American Indians, there is a deeper and more important story regarding the origin of the popular holiday. History of the Plymouth Plantation 1620-1647 by William Bradford

What Pisses Me Off About Hillary Clinton's Support

Published: 2016-10-25       Length: 0:29:20

With all the corruption and alleged criminality surrounding Hillary Clinton - why don't her supporters seem to care? Stefan Molyneux looks at the recent allegations which surround Hillary Clinton, why her supporters will vote for her regardless of her corruption, the reality of the low intelligence voter, the importance of the ability to defer gratification and the horrifying consequences of embracing big government in this election cycle. The Decay of Western Civilization by Helmuth Nyborg S[...]

What Pisses Me Off About Ken Bone

Published: 2016-10-17       Length: 0:10:55

Various mainstream media outlets have taken an innocent man with fifteen minutes of fame and decided that he must be smeared and attacked. Stefan Molyneux is pissed off over the treatment of Ken Bone and offers a word a warning to the jackals who participate in this kind of public disassembly of harmless periphery public figures. Background:

What Pisses Me Off About Keith Scott And The Charlotte Riots

Published: 2016-09-26       Length: 0:21:09

On Tuesday night, 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Brentley Vinson in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Both Scott and Officer Vinson are black, but the shooting nonetheless sparked Black Lives Matter protests which focused the eyes of the world on Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte police originally went to the complex at approximately 4pm, looking for a suspect with an outstanding warrant. Scott was not the suspect, but was o[...]

What Pisses Me Off About The Olympics

Published: 2016-08-14       Length: 0:19:26

According to a recent study from The University of Oxford and Said Business School examining the games between 1960 and today, the average inflation adjusted “sports-related costs” of the Summer Olympic games is $5.2 billion and the average cost of the Winter Olympics is $3.1 billion. ...but what is the human opportunity cost of the Olympic Games? Who profits from these athletic displays and what is the root cause of people investing their entire lives in many economically useless activities? [...]

What Pisses Me Off About The Bastille Day Terrorist Attack

Published: 2016-07-15       Length: 0:13:43

As France was celebrating Bastille Day – a holiday which signifies the storming of the Bastille prison during the French Revolution of 1789 – keys were placed into the ignition of a large truck which would soon be turned into a murder weapon. As people watched fireworks during celebrations in the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France – a large truck smashed through crowd of men, women and children, killing at seventy-seven people and injuring at least a hundred more.

What Pisses Me Off About The Orlando Terrorist Attack

Published: 2016-06-13       Length: 0:14:55

On June 12th at approximately 2am, the 29-year-old Muslim son of Afghanistan immigrants, Omar Mir Seddique Mateen entered Pulse nightclub and began shooting into the crowd of over 320 mostly LGBT patrons leaving at least 50 people dead and 53 others injured. Sources[...]

What Pisses Me Off About Brexit | UK's EU Referendum

Published: 2016-05-11       Length: 0:29:14

While there are economic scare stories, concerns about international trade complications and fears about the United Kingdom becoming isolated on a world stage - make no mistake that upcoming EU Referendum vote is truly now about Immigration and the European Migrant Crisis. The United Kingdom decides it’s future on June 23rd, 2016 - and it’s now or never when it comes to saving Britain. Sources [...]

What Pisses Me Off About The Panama Papers

Published: 2016-04-11       Length: 0:20:33

Over the last year, 400 journalists have been secretly decoding over 11.5 million documents which were leaked from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. An estimated 2.6 terabytes of data show several decades and billions of dollars in transactions in offshore vehicles for corporations, investment funds and billionaires. United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron and Russian President Vladimir Putin are claimed to be implicated in the leaks – but some very important information is missing [...]

What Pisses Me Off About The Brussels Terrorist Attack

Published: 2016-03-22       Length: 0:25:26

Reports show at least 34 people are dead and 170 injured after two separate Terrorist bombings rocked Brussels, Belgium on the morning of March 22nd, 2016. Two nail bomb explosions occurred at the Brussels Airport near the American Airlines and Brussels airlines check-in desks and authorities later discovered a unexploded suicide vest on the scene. Shouts in Arabic were reportedly heard prior to the explosions. Only seventy-nine minutes after the airport terrorist attack, another bombing decima[...]

What Pisses Me Off About Donald Trump Protests

Published: 2016-03-14       Length: 0:25:19

Watching the pretend moral hysteria erupting after a group of Marxist-motivated, George Soros-funded Bernie Sanders supporters shut down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago by threatening and committing crimes against peaceful Donald Trump supporters is truly a gruesome spectacle that sets stage for an ever-escalating cycle of violence – unless it is interrupted, exposed, and thoroughly repudiated. That is my job, and that is your job as well. Do not fail civilization, do not fail reason, do not fa[...]

What Pisses Me Off About Political Correctness

Published: 2016-02-25       Length: 0:27:14

The cure for hypocrisy is exposure - and lo, there cometh particular times in human history when a hidden hypocrisy overreaches itself, and becomes at last so blindingly obvious that even idiots cannot stay blind to it – and then, it falls – or will, at least, if there are a few people with courage enough to push over its rotten and rotting structure. Here and now is where I step forward to do just that. Sources:

What Pisses Me Off About Making A Murderer and Steven Avery

Published: 2016-01-22       Length: 0:44:58

Stefan Molyneux has been losing sleep over the popular Netflix documentary series “Making a Murder” examining the life of Steven Avery... and he's pissed off. Stefan explains his frustration with the popular documentary series and the surrounding events. Avery served 18 years in prison for the sexual assault and attempted murder of Penny Beerntsen – only to be exonerated in 2003. As a multi-million-dollar civil lawsuit was underway against the Manitowoc County, Wisconsin police department – Av[...]

What Pisses Me Off About The Germany Rape Attacks

Published: 2016-01-06       Length: 0:28:09

Fireworks, celebration and sexual assault. New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany was marred by over 1,000 migrants launching fireworks into crowds and a shocking amount of sexual assaults and rapes. One woman described being groped over 100 times during a 200-meter walk and many man and women were unable to escape their attackers. Stefan Molyneux is pissed off about the Germany Rape Attacks.

What Pisses Me Off About Barack Obama's Terrorism Speech

Published: 2015-12-07       Length: 0:37:51

After the largest Terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11, President Barack Obama addressed concerns about Islamic Terrorism from the Oval Office on Sunday, December 6th, 2015. Stefan Molyneux examines Barack Obama's speech following the San Bernardino shooting and Terrorist Attack perpetrated by Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook. Includes: Gun Control, Protecting Turkey from Syrians, fighting ISIS, unconstitutional proposals to violate the second amendment, a reluctant admission that "an[...]

What Pisses Me Off About The Paris Terrorist Attack

Published: 2015-11-14       Length: 0:25:11

Over 150 people are dead in Paris, France as Islamic Terrorists - some with AK-47s, others acting as suicide bombers - attacked seven sites throughout the French capital. The worst carnage occurred at the Bataclan Concert Hall with at least 112 victims. The Paris Terrorist Attack was the second deadliest on a Western city since 9/11 - the worst since the Madrid train bombings in 2004 where 191 were killed. Stefan Molyneux is pissed off and makes an impassioned plea to save Western civilizatio[...]

What Pisses Me Off About White Guilt

Published: 2015-11-10       Length: 0:24:04

Stefan Molyneux is pissed off - and he communicates a very important message about rejecting feelings of guilt and shame from those without empathy. Guilt is often a big red button that bad people push to extract resources from good people. Don't be exploited, don't be guilted or shamed into exploitation.

What Pisses Me Off About Government Debt | The Debt Ceiling and Budget Act

Published: 2015-10-30       Length: 0:18:44

As the Federal Government braced itself for a possible shutdown due to approaching the debt ceiling limit - John Boehner and Washington political class found another way to stick it to the American people. The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 was passed by both the House and the Senate this week and will result in at least $85 billion in spending increases over the next three fiscal years. Most importantly it will suspend the current $18.1 trillion debt limit through March 15th, 2017. This essen[...]

What Pisses Me Off About Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Elections

Published: 2015-10-22       Length: 0:17:34

So I felt a strange reluctance to work on Canadian electoral politics over the 78 day political Iditarod mad race to the frozen power centers of the far north. It's not so much that Canadian politics are boring, more that, without nearly as much of the constant race-baiting that occurs in American politics, the political strategies up here are just so relentlessly predictable. For those outside of Canada, there are three major parties – the oxymoronic Progressive Conservatives, the semi-Marxist[...]

What Pisses Me Off About The Oregon Shooting and Chris Mercer-Harper

Published: 2015-10-03       Length: 0:29:13

On Thursday October 1st, 2015, 26-year-old Chris Mercer-Harper entered Umpqua Community College in Oregon - wearing body armor and armed with five handguns and an assault rifle - and murdered nine people in cold blood, leaving at least nine more injured and destroying the lives of countless families. Following the shooting Barack Obama and the political establishment wasted little time in calling for increased gun control - willfully unaware that these gun free zones are a magnet for violence r[...]

What Pisses Me Off About The European Migrant Crisis

Published: 2015-09-02       Length: 0:28:01

The European migrant crisis arose through the rising number of migrant arrivals seeking asylum – a combination of economic migrants and refugees – to the European Union (EU) across the Mediterranean Sea and the Balkans from Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany expected over 800,000 asylum seekers to come this year - over four times more than in 2014. European Union member states agreed in July to take in more than 32,000 migrants to “ease the[...]

What Pisses Me Off About Bryce Williams and The Virginia Shooting

Published: 2015-08-28       Length: 0:41:50

Vester Lee Flanagan, known professionally as Bryce Williams, was identified as the suspect in the on-air shooting that left WDBJ-TV journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward dead in Roanoke, Virginia. The horrific on-air shooting has drawn comparisons to the Dylann Roof and the Charleston church shooting after excerpts from Flanagan's manifesto cited it as his motivation. Despite Flanagan's history of racially charged interactions and him stating that he desired to further the "race war" the medi[...]

What Pisses Me Off About Donald Trump and John McCain

Published: 2015-07-21       Length: 0:13:12

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you’ve heard about the impact Donald Trump is having on American Politics. After controversial comments about illegal immigration and crime, Trump has risen to the very top of the polls, making him the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for the Presidential Election. After a very successful campaign event in Phoenix, John McCain called Trump supporters “crazies,” which lead to a public war of words between the two figures. Recently, Trumps comments about[...]

What Pisses Me Off About The Confederate Flag

Published: 2015-06-30       Length: 0:17:37

The suspect in the Charleston shooting, Dylann Storm Roof, appeared in a number of photographs with the Confederate flag - prompting calls for banning of the flag nationwide as a symbol of racism and hatred. As lawmakers and business respond to the public outcry, Stefan Molyneux looks at the reality of the situation, and breaks down what’s said – and what’s not being said.

What Pisses Me Off About Greece's Debt Crisis

Published: 2015-02-05       Length: 0:12:35

Did you know: 80% of the bailout money went to European Union banks that were Greek bondholders, and not the Greek economy. The Syriza party and its leader Alex Tsipras won last month's general election in Greece with a pledge to write off half of Greece's debt New Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said "too much time, hopes, lives" had been wasted by Greece's forced austerity program. Stefan Molyneux discussed the Greece debt crisis, the role of the banks in creating this mess, the possibility [...]

What Pisses Me Off About Kim Kardashian

Published: 2014-11-17       Length: 0:04:37

Hey, football is on! Did you see what happened on the latest episode of The Walking Dead? Oh man, can you believe Eminem swore in front of some military veterans at a concert? Is Macaulay Culkin dead or not, I’m not sure… wait, who’s Miley Cyrus dating now? Oh man, the Fast And Furious 7 trailer is out! Oh, Johnny Depp was drunk at an awards show, no kidding! So yeah, Kim Kardashian has a large ass. She's all about that bass bout that bass, yeah, I got it, I got it, I got it. That is what draws [...]

What Pisses Me Off About The Michael Brown Shooting

Published: 2014-10-25       Length: 0:14:38

Stefan Molyneux is irritated - a scathing look at the rush to judgment and fervent race-baiting in the Michael Brown shooting case. New evidence and witness testimony has emerged as the grand jury decides the future of Officer Darren Wilson in the aftermath of the Ferguson, Missouri riots.

What Pisses Me Off About Ebola

Published: 2014-10-11       Length: 0:25:12

Stefan Molyneux is irritated - a scathing look at the rampant incompetence - including claims of racism - which have infected the mainstream conversation and hampered action to contain the Ebola outbreak.